Product Documentation – Order Management Module of E-Labs LIMS Software

An Order Management System of a Product Master feature tracks and records all information related to sales and order processing detail. With the help of OMS, E-Labs offer an extensive range of order processing information, including order booking, sample booking, job allocation, job processing, sample collecting, the progress of testing, the time required by the analyst, as well as dispatch detail to the customers, for establishing a transparent and effective company-client relationship. Once the product testing information such as methods, equipment, parameters, measuring unit, pricing and invoicing, etc. are determined, an order is confirmed with the filled-in automated client and product documentation. E-Labs provides comprehensive data of order booking and sales management to evenly lookout for hindrances in the process while eradicating errors in order bookings, which is why an Order Management System helps to explicitly display the order processing. In short, E-Labs adopted OMS to-

  • Track All Orders:
    Tracking and recording orders may be perhaps the most challenging and crucial part of other laboratories, with focusing more on data accuracy at the time of order booking within a short period of time. However, in the case of E-Labs, OMS provides an upper hand when it comes to error-free order bookings with an intuitive and seamless experience for both the laboratory as well as for the customers. It centralizes all sales and order information at a central place for easy access. 
  • Monitor & Manage All Inventory:
    Without a proper inventory management system, a laboratory may have to face several major issues such as overselling, overstocking and inaccurate forecasting. Therefore, to avoid that, OMS offers a simplified inventory tracking process that allows the laboratory to monitor real-time updates in order bookings. 
  • Facilitate Order Fulfilment:
    OMS also provides streamlined logistics processes which enhance faster and intuitive order fulfillment. It allows the display of routing orders from the laboratories to the customers, providing real-time information of the live status of the order.

Adding to that, there are quite a few other advantages of using an Order Management System-

  • Automation:
    With the automated digital-based management platform, E-Labs has established a more profound general workflow which has reduced unnecessary wastage of time behind data entry and handling more and more complex data management efficiently with OMS. The benefits of workflow automation are becoming apparent across niches.
  • No Human Error/Effort:
    OMS has visibly reduced human effort, thus, eliminating the risks of mishaps and mislabelling of products, as well as increasing the chances of errors in order bookings. With the increase in the number of client orders and product samples, it’s not surprising to encounter more flaws than perfection at the time of order bookings. Thus, with automated order bookings and management, OMS’s ability to entertain mass client orders is undoubtedly a blessing on the go. It also keeps the team members under check for fulfilling their target responsibilities.  
  • Real-Time & Accurate Reporting:
    An effective OMS system reports real-time data regarding orders, inventory, customers and more, for smarter analytics and better decision-making. It also allows tracking product performance and customer behavior to ID patterns and trends.

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