Testing Parameters in Product Documentation at E-Labs

With the help of the Product Master feature, E-Labs has not only become largely popular but also managed to draw out a perfect balance between establishing a good workflow in general and scrutinizing laboratory testing facilities in an efficient and error-free manner. E-Labs offer an extensive range of testing facilities ranging in various domains like pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, Ayurveda, environment, clothing, electronics, motor, chemicals, raw materials, apparel, and textiles, etc.  One of the major aspects of the Product Documentation of a Product Master, for any given sample, involves the process of determining certain parameters to be tested. Now, each sample provided by the customer has to go through a variety of parameter checks for stability testing for pharmaceutical and other purposes. In most instances, these parameters are specified by the customers themselves, whereas in other cases, the respective laboratories take up the responsibility to do the same. 

You may ask, who calculates what parameters are viable to be testing a certain product? To answer that, E-Labs have found an efficient way of eradicating discrepancies in testing results, followed by accuracy in the process. To elaborate, each Pharmacopeia (British Pharmacopeia, US Pharmacopeia, Japan Pharmacopeia) lists a certain number of parameters for each specified product and product category that exists, based on equipment, testing methods, skills required, raw materials, and the formula involved. Now, each laboratory adopts the guidelines of a particular Pharmacopeia, to extract group disciplines. Therefore, with the Product Master feature, E-Labs assure that each Product Category and their sub-categories may be qualified for several parameter checks applicable for one product sample that is determined under the Reference Test Standard which stores all the guidelines of parameters related to product categories. They are then recorded under the Parameter Category, which acts as an umbrella term, further breaking down into sub-categories under Test Parameter Detail to map out intricate information of the testing process. In other words, parameters are standards set for the goal of improvement of the product while enhancing its order value. 

Each parameter can be tested through hundreds of different testing methods to obtain accurate results, therefore, depending upon the raw materials required, availability of the analyst, location of the laboratory, tools or equipment required, skill-sets, and calculated time required. With E-Labs, it’s rather easy to compile the product data when it comes to determining the testing methods as the Product Master feature generates all the necessary information related to the product at once, with its automated enlisted data, reducing the manual effort of risking error-free data entry. Thus, this also promotes hassle-free and automated pricing and invoicing, depending upon the methods, tools, parameters, analyst, location of the laboratory, skill-sets, etc. used throughout. In addition, E-Labs aid diversified product and parameter information at once, following flawless management of a sea full of clients regularly.

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