Striking Features of E-Labs LIMS CRM Software

E-Labs LIMS offers integrated laboratory automation solutions that aid in enhancing the smooth functioning of laboratory testing and report services. Some of the key features of the E-Labs LIMS CRM module are:

1. Workflow Management Automation:

E-labs LIMS provides an elaborated CRM software that allows the laboratories to automate their workflow management, eliminating human efforts and human-made errors, to enhance individual productivity and overall sales growth perspective. It also allows the laboratories to set up custom rules and sales force automation as per their structural needs, to generate suitable growth management, catering to client satisfaction. Thus, the CRM software has the provision to automatically identify triggers and perform specific action-based solutions to resolve particular challenges. For example: When a potential customer fills out a contact form for testing services, the CRM module automatically tracks and records all information, directing to the sales department; The CRM initially auto-responds to the potential leads on behalf of the sales representatives to avoid delayed responsibilities; In case a prospect fails to respond to the mails, the CRM software automatically sends through a follow-up after a preset amount of time; Moreover, it automatically tracks down all logs and tasks of each representative to report them to the upper management for performance insights.

2. Third-Party Integration:

Many CRM software services offer trusted third-party integrations to allow laboratories to save time and money for the elaborated programs. For example, Salesforce has its own marketplace called AppExchange wherein users are provided with solutions such as QuickBooks accounting software, Mailchimp email marketing software, and DocuSign electronic signatures. Some other features of third-party integration can be identified as, auto-syncing sales and order data to the accounting software management to reduce manual data entry errors; next-gen data security and data backups; auto-mailing lists and email marketing campaigns; etc.

3. Employee Tracking:

E-Labs LIMS CRM software allows laboratories to track employee activity and performance by offering them individual liberty to track and manage their respective hours, tasks, meetings, sales numbers, goals, and other items. It also allows the reporting manager and upper management to access dashboards that let them view individual employee goals, completed tasks, and other metrics of productivity. Thus, one of the integral features of the E-Labs LIMS CRM module is to generate employee performance reviews, create incentives, reward strong employees, identify road blockers, and address areas of improvement.   

4. Customized Management Facilities:

E-Labs LIMS CRM software offers flexibility to the laboratories to cater to their unique requirements according to their respective structural needs. Therefore, it allows laboratories to customize basic features such as what data to be reflected on the dashboards, custom reports generation, customized plugins and extensions, and so on.

5. Customer Services:

E-Labs LIMS CRM software aids in excellent customer relationship management by providing the following to the client laboratories:

  • A 360-degree comprehensive view of customers that reflect everything there is to know about a customer from the first point of contact
  • Auto-tracking all points of communications, from lead acquisition to closed sales, sales history, website visits, purchase history and other activities for future reference.
  • Has unique reference numbers for each account, and customer and helps issue
  • Automatically sends customers acknowledgments of their inquiries and messages so they don’t feel ignored
  • Supports premade email templates and call scripts that answer the most common questions 

Some CRM solutions can make this even easier by integrating third-party apps such as the support platform, SurveyMonkey feedback forms, and the RingCentral business phone system. 

6. Real-time data:

Real-time data tracking has become one of the integral features of CRM systems. E-Labs LIMS CRM provides the facility to pull up real-time data from devices, applications, and even appliances.

These are just a few of the benefits of pulling real-time data:

  • It helps to make better-informed marketing decisions about the bidding prices and placement of online advertising.
  • It allows to get an instant snapshot of market demand, so marketing plans can be upgraded accordingly to yield better results.
  • It helps to identify which of the listed products and services generate the most revenue, and which generate the least and may need a boost in exposure.

7. Reporting:

The more of these report types can be accessed by the laboratories, the better: 

  • The number of leads that come in during a certain amount of time
  • The number of sales generated during a certain amount of time
  • Which of the sales quotes closed which leads and how many they closed in a certain amount of time
  • The number of outbound calls being made
  • The effectiveness of official emails
  • The stage at which the leads converted, helping in identifying opportunities to close leads in a shorter time

A CRM with this feature helps to predict future sales based on data from the existing pipeline. Sales forecasting anticipates market changes to mitigate business risks. 

An email feature in a CRM helps keep sales reps organized and productive. They can integrate their calendars to schedule appointments and engage prospects and customers accordingly. Another great email feature is the ability to automatically pull in email templates so reps spend less time crafting email content. It can be used to create several email templates, such as these: 

  • Basic information about the company, segmented by industry
  • Follow-up after a phone call
  • Follow-up after one email has been sent
  • A follow-up to a proposal that reps are waiting on customers to return 

8. CRM Analytics:

CRM analytics, also known as customer analytics, offers insight into customer data. This data is important because it can aid in making improved decisions about the types of products, services, marketing, and overall communications you distribute to your customers. Some of the core features of CRM analysis are:

  • Clear profit and loss data to help determine target ROI
  • Informative web analytics that illustrates customer website use and behaviors 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): An Integral Part of E-Labs LIMS

A key feature of E-Labs LIMS laboratory automation solutions is the Customer Relationship Management or CRM module which enhances the ability to build impactful, and positive customer interactions as well as to genearate revenues and profits while entertaining an increase in the overall ratio of regular and potential clients. Every successful management model must sustain a tool to constantly refine its methods of carrying out positive customer relationships as a way of reaching out to the target audience, understanding their requirements, resolving their issues, and creating mutual understanding. A CRM system aims to achieve that in a hassle-free systematic manner, reducing human effort, and encouraging error-free order bookings. In short, CRM incorporates contact management, sales management, product management, and profitability, and therefore, helps in the Quotation Generation of a Product Master. 

E-Labs have successfully established an integrated CRM system to manage a wide array of client information, all at once, ensuring an efficient workflow in general. It automatically tracks and records all client information such as client contact, email ID, address, location, social media information, website detail, person-in-charge detail, and more on a ‘one-time entry’ basis, thus storing and pulling out information within a click in the future, for further references and documentation. This in turn helps when creating an e-Test Reference Form and Quotation Generation to automatically fill in the customer detail and determine the cost information without requiring individual effort. 

Additionally, E-Labs incorporated an elaborated CRM system to track the individual progress of each department in achieving their respective sales targets and providing them with ample time to focus more on sales than data entry. It also lays a better opportunity for the marketing team to get clear visibility of the work perspective and point out any inaccuracy within the process. Moreover, a CRM may be an effective strategy to help boost the HR functionalities in speeding the onboarding process, automating managing candidates, analyzing resources required, and identifying skill gaps. 

Simply put, E-Labs LIMS offers improved and integrated laboratory automation solutions to various laboratories across the country, with the help of an elaborate CRM system, which has proven its effectiveness in quite a few aspects such as Enhanced contact management; Cross-team collaboration; Accurate Sales forecasting; Enriched products and services; Customer satisfaction and retention; Reliable reporting; Improved Sales Metrics; Improved productivity; Sales management; Better marketing ROI, etc.